Competition law and the right to free speech

Competition law and the right to free speech

“Complaining about the severity of the competition is really just complaining about the lack of ideas.”
(Walther Rathenau)

Competition law or fair trading law constitutes a central field of law for every business. Protection against unfair competition and against injuries to special protection of intellectual property rights is important, its implementation often fast moving. Thus one thing above all is required: targeted, fast and competent action. Business communication must follow the policies of the Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG) and other special laws. The protection of company and trade secrets against unauthorised access by staff and other third parties is also important. Market distortions, regardless of what kind, are suitable for making a lasting change to the parameters of a company's commercial success. If statements that are bad for business, misleading advertisement, obstruction of competitors, illicit marketing arrangements, etc. are involved, we are the right people to contact. In this respect, competition law consultation is a central factor of our legal consultation service.

Legal consultation regarding competition and freedom of speech


  • Preliminary assessment pertaining to competition law and strategic consultation Assessment of advertising measures according to the UWG and other special laws (Advertising law), Business communication (Internet, social media), Internet law (website assessments, disclaimer, information requirements according to the Telemedia Act, information requirements regarding distance contracts)
  • Implementation and defence of prohibitory injunctions with respect to competition law – warnings, restraining order, main proceedings
  • Implementation and defence of claims for abatement according to competition law
  • Implementation and defense of claims for damages according to competition law
  • Implementation and defense of skimming of excess profit and disgorgement according to competition law
  • Extrajudicial and judicial representation in competition dispute – competitive processes
  • Representation and defence in statement processes
  • Contract design according to competition law – drafting of terms and conditions, cooperation agreements, antitrust limits, consultation for marketing and advertisement measures, Support and development of advertisement strategies, advertisement materials and branding
  • Legal review of the market behaviour of the mandate and of competitors
  • Consultation for product launch and distribution
  • Licensing and other contract arrangment and negotiation
  • Tracking and consultation in the field of antitrust laws and all related fields of law (domain law, naming rights etc.)
  • Employee training and seminars on the subject of competition law and related fields of law
  • Expert analysis

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