Data protection Law

Data protection Law

“Data is more valuable than ever in the digital world: it is still possible to protect it and be commercially viable at the same time.”

Data protection law is currently undergoing several legal changes. The European Court of Justice has disposed of the Safe Harbor Regulations, which have now been replaced by the EU-US Privacy Shield. Since then, the so-called Binding Corporate Rules and the EU Standard Contractual Clauses have also been the subject of major legal debate. At the end of 2015, after years of tough negotiations, the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament agreed on a proposal for a European General Data Protection Regulation, which should come into effect as early as 2018, replacing all national data protection provisions. This has significant consequences – not only for international companies, but also for German ones. The old, familiar Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA) will be a thing of the past. As well as the legal milestones, a series of “data scandals” have made the headlines in recent years, and the issue of data privacy has moved from being a niche topic to being of considerable importance for corporate decision making and task management. The legal landscape of privacy law is not easy to navigate.

We offer you comprehensive and competent guidance in this field, in both forensic and advisory capacities and in collaboration with specialised cooperative partners, when technical questions concerning data security arise.

Legal advice: Data protection law


  • Initial consultation as part of the development and establishment of new privacy-relevant projects and processes – privacy-compliant design of archive processes, negotiation and creation of outsourcing contracts, order data processing contracts and function transmission contracts
  • Development of a data protection organisation within the company
  • Drafting of and advice on company data protection directives and company agreements – employee data protection
  • Data transfer and data processing within the company – EU-US Privacy Shield, EU Standard Contractual Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules
  • Data protection compliance and data protection investigation – advice and support during the establishment of effective organisational, training and oversight procedures; preventative data protection compliance advice; execution and advice in association with internal investigations
  • Advice and representation during contact with data protection authorities – requests for information, reviews, fining procedures
  • Prosecution and advice in the field of data protection law-making and other related legal fields (IT law, telecommunications law, competition law, advertising law etc.)
  • Data protection and data security in telecommunications and on the Internet
  • Data protection in the health industry
  • Data protection during corporate transactions
  • Product-related data protection advice (privacy by design) – social media, mobile devices, websites, big data, predictive analytics etc., software development and maintenance, cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), application service providing (ASP), end user license agreements (EULA), and outsourcing
  • In-house training, employee training, seminars on data protection law and related legal fields (IT law, telecommunications law, competition law, advertising law etc.) and technical data security
  • Expert opinions on questions relating to data protection law and data security – contextualised, independent assessment, expert opinions in the capacity of expert for IT products accredited by the Schleswig-Holstein Independent State Centre for Data Protection (legal), expert opinions in the capacity of EuroPriSe Legal Expert accredited auditor for the European Privacy Seal, expert opinions as specialist (legal) with the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Data Protection Quality Seal

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