Gambling and gaming law

Gambling and gaming law

Schiller once said: “Only a desperate gambler bets everything on a single throw.” Those who want more back the experts in gambling legislation as well.

Gambling law is a comparatively new area of law that requires specialists, specialist expertise and a profound knowledge of the market. National and international gambling providers are faced with a wide array of administrative, civil and criminal issues that often extend beyond national borders and are primarily dominated by European guidelines. For many years we have advised gambling companies as well as numerous internationally-known poker players on judicial and extrajudicial matters.

Legal consulting on gambling law


  • Preparation of legal opinions and other assessments
  • Tax treatment of gambling winnings
  • Regulatory intervention by the Interstate Treaty on Gambling
  • Law pertaining to the Gaming Acts of the member countries
  • Casino licensing laws
  • Casino revenue law
  • Legal consulting in the area of online games
  • Commercial gaming law (Trade Regulation Act and Gambling Ordinance)
  • Advising national and international gaming companies and poker players
  • Gaming law
  • Review and assessment of new game ideas
  • Administrative approval procedures
  • Defence in regulatory and competition law proceedings

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