Legal Counsel

Concept behind the outsourced legal department

The concept of an outsourced legal department is based on the experiences of our law firm and its employees as solicitors and advisors in the economic sector. We are familiar with management terms and are on the lookout for practical, competent and quick solutions for our clients. We won’t just present you with a legal opinion and then leave you alone to deal with it, but will work actively with you and your employees to implement it, taking into account at all times the economic concerns and objectives of your company.

If you come to us with legal questions that we are unable to answer with our own expertise, we will assume the role of “gatekeeper” on your behalf and search for an experienced specialist. Our intensive cooperation with colleagues from various fields means that we can guarantee competent and cost-optimised legal advice for your company at any time. We use any in-house information gained by our law firm about the long-term advisory services for your company to prepare the case in question for our colleagues. This not only ensures that the focus is placed on the actual problem, but also, by nature, saves costs which would otherwise be incurred in the search for suitable legal counsel, and for reviewing and coordinating the facts between the company and the retained solicitor (costs of analysis). On a nationwide level, we are geared solely towards the needs of our clients with due consideration for the particularities of the case.

Cost transparency

As external and long-term legal advisors, we work towards ensuring that the legal requirements are met within your company. Our work follows a uniform concept and a uniform approach, which enables us to offer our services as an “external legal department” (long-term extrajudicial counselling; claims and contract management, with the exception of in-court representation) at set prices or at reduced hourly rates; this enables cost transparency and clarity for our clients, because this means that you can confidently channel the costs that would be incurred during the year for (extrajudicial) legal counsel safely into your corporate planning. This means that budgets for legal counsel that are already exceeded by mid-year will be the exception rather than the rule.


In a first step, we assess and analyse the situation within your company in order to determine its current state and its precise needs. Only by doing so can we obtain a representative analysis of your company’s specific situation and provide you with a prioritised catalogue of measures to implement the concept of the outsourced legal department within your company.

As an external legal department we offer you and your company continuous support for all legal matters, thereby guaranteeing that legal standards are being continually complied with, that procedures are adapted to meet the requirements of new laws and that consideration is given to current changes in internal processes within your company.

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