Juliane Kazemi

  • Partner of the firm
  • Litigator
  • Member of JV (ARGE) Information Technology of the German Bar Association
  • Member of JV (ARGE) Medical law of the German Bar Association
  • Managing Director and shareholder of a specialised data protection consulting company
  • Competent contact person in matters of data protection law, general civil and claim law

Consultancy Focus:

As Managing Director of medi-ip data protect UG, , which specialises in data protection, attorney Kazemi is not only active in entrepreneurial undertakings herself, but also a competent partner especially in matters of corporate data protection. In addition, Ms. Kazemi also deals with issues of travel law, procedural law, as well as in the context of gambling legal disputes.

Publications (excerpt):

  • Question of the applicability of the air passenger rights regulation for flights from Switzerland to non-EU countries
  • Missed connecting flight leads to flight delay of more than three hours
  • Reimbursement of the attorney’s expenses for flight delays
  • Entitled to claim for compensation due to flight delay for young children, too
  • Swimming prohibition due to shark attacks is not a travel deficiency
  • Termination of the travel contract owing to "aggravated arrival"
  • Recent developments in travel law