Trademark Law

Trademark Law

“Creating a strong brand requires a lot of effort, creativity and intellect. If these conditions are met, the brand can constitute the company’s essential value.”

Trademarks have been helping consumers to find their way through the maze of various products and services since the year dot, and it is help that has become so important today with the evermore rapidly changing markets. Trademarks stand for quality, innovation and tradition. They send signals, they evoke emotions, and they influence purchasing descisions. Strong trademarks ensure market growth and succes whilst at the same time they represent a significant value of an estimated US $500 billion. The brand value of Apple alone is calculated to be more then US $170billion.

That is why experts are needed to deal with the importance of registration, monitoring, implementing and defending trademarks.

Lawyers' services in Trademark Law:


  • Initial consultation as part of the brand development - Assessment of the potential trademarks for absolute and/or relative registration impediments, trademark research
  • Trademark registration - Carrying out the registration procedure. Where is the trademark registered? German trademarks, community trademarks or IR extension?
  • Trademark objection - Carrying out of objection procedure at the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office), OHIM. Defence in objection procedure.
  • Trademark deletion claims - Claims/defence in judicial deletion procedure at ordinary courts
  • Injunctive relief in trademark law - Warning, preliminary injunction, main proceedings
  • Information and claims for damages in trademark law - Out-of-court and in-court representation
  • Trademark monitoring - Regular monitoring of new entries and registrations in the trademark registry in case of conflicts
  • Trademark transfer - Contract drafting and negotiation of rights transfers inter vivos or upon death
  • Trademark licensing - Contract drafting and negotiation for the licensing of German, European and international trademarks
  • Security transfer of trademark rights - Pledging, usufruct, assignment of security of trademark rights
  • Enforcement in trademark law
  • Application and obtaining of protection of source details, business terms, domains and other protection rights
  • Tracking of and consultation in trademark legislation and all associated legal areas (domain law, name law)
  • Staff training and seminars on trademark law and associated legal areas

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